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Etoile Data

A Star stands alone in the darkness

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Regarding Graphics
Since I am too lazy to make a new account, I made a community. It's my works community. If you wsih to request,comment,or critique you must join. :0. These are too be used on Forums and Livejournals. No msn crud or anything. CREDIT MUST BE GIVEN OR A WILL STAB YOU WITH A PITCHFORK. LINK BACK TO THIS COMMUNITY THINGIE OR ELSE.
Regarding Art
My art can only be used by following these steps-
(a) Ask permission, and do not use before a reply is given.
(b) Provide website it will be used on.
(c) Art you are requesting must only be a character that is drawn from a t.v. show, book, manga, etc. Cannot be an original character by me or anyone else.
(d) Give credit, or I will maul you with a brick.